Wes Copeland Scores Donkey Kong Kill Screen At The Arkadia Retrocade!

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My biggest problem with my day job is that frequently I miss awesome stuff happening at the Arkadia Retrocade like this Donkey Kong Kill Screen by a young man named Wes Copeland. Wes was able to reach the Kill Screen on 4/19 during a nearly 2 hour run on the machine with an ending score of 908,700 points, thankfully though for us all, Mr. Copeland has a Twitch account and recorded the whole thing!

Watch live video from WesCopeland on TwitchTV

I also like how you can hear Shea Mathis and others at the end of run in total disbelief at what they just saw Wes pull off, plus the sunlight reveals a bit of the inside of the machine cabinet at the end of the video as well.

Obviously a big congrats is due to Wes Copeland and let us hope he’ll take a crack at some other machines at some point soon and maybe we can get him as a guest on the upcoming Arkadia Retrocade podcast?

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