The Radiophonic Workshop play Doctor Who Live!

Radiophonic Workshop

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop, as it was then known to me, holds a special place in my heart as it was they who introduced me to Doctor Who! I grew up with Doctor Who on the TV but, for some reason, I didn’t start watching the show properly until it was rebooted in 2005.

My first introduction to the show was actually thanks to a friend who loaned me a series of Doctor Who CD’s from the BBC. The music from the Radiophonic Workshop was compelling listening and I quickly purchased more of the same. Since that time I’ve been a huge fan of the theme tune to the show and its many soundtracks.

The BBC disbanded the Workshop in the 90’s but happily they have reformed without the broadcaster and they recently performed an epic rendition of the Who theme, Live at Chichester University in England.

There is a nice review of the entire set on the Telegraph website.

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