The Houndcats: The Misbehavin’ Raven Mission (1972)

The Houndcats
Morning! While you wait for the rest of the family to wake up why not come join us here in the Retroist Vault for some classic Saturday morning animated fare from DePatie-Freleng Enterprises? Yep, the same company that brought us those wonderful Pink Panther shorts among many others!

The Houndcats aired on NBC back on September 9, 1972 and only ran for thirteen episodes. It’s a mash-up featuring everything from Mission Impossible, F-Troop, and the Wild Wild West. The Houndcats are a collection of western do-gooders led by Stutz (Michael Bell) who is a cat, Putty Puss (Joe Besser) also a cat and master of disguise, Ding Dong (Stu Gilliam) who is a dog and wears a Civil Wear Uniform, Rhubarb also (Daws Butler) a dog and inventor for the Houndcats, and Mussel Mutt (Aldo Ray) who is also a dog and the brute of the team.

We’ve saved you a spot here on the rug and even have some spare Boo Berry cereal, so pour yourself a bowl and let’s watch the Houndcats in “The Misbehavin’ Raven Mission”.

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