Saturday Frights – Recorded Live (1975)

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter
A couple of days ago I shared the 1982 horror short entitled “The Dummy” and it got friend to both Saturday Frights and the Retroist, Matt Lappie, thinking about another horror short from the early 70s involving a bunch of video tape that attacks a poor guy. Matt did all of the hard work and was kind enough to share the video link with us so you too can enjoy this imaginative film short entitled “Recorded Live”!

The short was directed and written by S.S. Wilson (Tremors, Short Circuit) and features John Goodwin (Critters, Men In Black) as the hapless young man who shows up for a job interview before having to fight for his life against a heaping pile of ravenous video tape. There is some very clever stop-motion work going on in this short and while some of it is played for laughs…there is a point where you can see why we kids that caught this on HBO “Short Takes” remember it.

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