When was it Appropriate to Return an Item to a Store in the 1960s?


I always thought why you would return an item is pretty straightforward, but I guess back in the 1960s (and probably today), things weren’t so cut and dry. Lucky for us, an intrepid fact finder took to the stores to find out exactly when it was appropriate to return an item. If you are the target audience of this vintage PSA, the answer might shock you.

For example, did you know that you should NOT return cloths to the store after your child has outgrown them? This is not a defect of the clothing, they are not designed to magically grow with your children. Who knew?!

So when is it appropriate? When you pour salad dressing on it or something, I don’t know. I sort of zoned out after the zipper on the pants breaking. Which might also be okay.

So, to sum up. Salad dressing and broken zippers? Return it. Your kid getting too big? Keep it.



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