The Terminator via Dr. Seuss

The Terminator via Dr. Seuss

As a big fan of The Terminator franchise and as someone who read plenty of Dr Seuss throughout my childhood, I was pleased to find that one of my favourite artists, DrFauststusAU created a mashup of the two to glorious effect.

As well as the art above, he also added a few words to the piece too:

They make them real mean,
and they build them real tough,
but one hundred such robots just wasn’t enough!

At Cyberdyne Systems the work’s never done:
they’ve created a model one hundred and one!

The artist is quite fond of all things Seussian, so check out his gallery at deviantArt for more.

Oh, and it seems the artist isn’t the first to cross the two – Whose Line is it Anyway got their first when the Scenes from a Hat section of the show took on Hollywood movies in the style of Dr. Seuss…

I’ll be back!

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