Sammy Davis Jr. sings the theme song to “My Mother The Car”


“My Mother the Car” is generally not a well reviewed TV show. It was an odd idea for a show to be sure (maybe a little silly), but I found it to be a charming show, especially when I was a kid. I remember it coming on TV in reruns and singing along with the theme song. I had not felt the need to sing along with the song in decades, but then this morning I found this cover of the theme song by Sammy Davis Jr. and I could not help but joining in.


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One thought on “Sammy Davis Jr. sings the theme song to “My Mother The Car”

  1. Sammy does this theme with style!
    I’ve always sidelined this show as one of those ridiculous gimmick shows from the Sixties which, now that I’ve typed that, means I’ve should’ve seen an episode of it by now.
    But I haven’t!
    This post makes me want to see a full episode.
    Off to hunt for a decent stream of MY MOTHER THE CAR.

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