BOOK REVIEW: The Art of Ian Miller (Titan Books)

When the ol’ Rollickin’ Retroist sent me Titan Books’ The Art of Ian Miller to review I had but one thought; “Who in the hairy hells is Ian Miller?” Well dear fiends, after thumbing through this lavish tome, I simply cannot believe my ignorance as to the work of this immeasurably talented artist.


In a way I am happy to have been unfamiliar with the enchanting etchings of Mr. Miller, as it provided me with the pure visceral reaction of seeing his work uncluttered by the sweet miasmic haze of our beloved nostalgia (although we will touch upon that more in a bit). The best way that I can describe the work of Ian Miller is thus; it is the cumulative result of what would happen when a teenage metal head’s notebook doodling forgot it was a sketch and became fine art! Monsters, demons and Elder Gods dance across the pages, brought to life by lines simultaneously sketchy and breathtakingly detailed. It’s a fascinating dichotomy that imbibes Miller’s subjects with both a surreal nature and a sense of plausibility.

With this being the home for so many lovers of pop culture ephemera, special attention should be paid to this book for lovers of two specific genres of nostalgia; namely tabletop role-playing games of the 80’s and outré pulp stories of the 30’s, as Miller unleashed his distinctive aesthetics upon both the seminal RPG Warhammer (as well as the first edition of its off-shoot Warhammer 40,000) for which he provided the illustrations that helped solidify that universe, as well as the covers for paperback editions collecting the work of weird fiction legend H.P. Lovecraft.

In short, if you are anything like me; a lover of fantastic creatures that defy imagination as well as the fantastic environments they call home, this collection is an absolute must have! Head here to order your copy today!

Daniel XIII

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