Saturday Frights: Twilight Zone – Night Call (1964)

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter
Hey friends! I’m sorry to say that your usual informative and lively host for Saturday Frights, Daniel XIII, has briefly succumbed to some form of avian flu…received I might add when he tried to wrest a corpse, er, I mean bag of garbage from the Projectionist’s pet vulture. At least we assume it’s some kind of avian flu, that or he’s trying to star in his own remake of Condorman!

Latest photo of Daniel XIII...who is now roosting at the top of the Retroist Vault.
Latest photo of Daniel XIII…who is now roosting at the top of the Retroist Vault.

We thought about closing up the Retroist Vault for the night but to be honest the mass of people at the auditorium door changed our mind pretty quickly. Who knew stale popcorn and flat cola would be so addictive? Personally I think it’s the fact that the Vault’s auditorium still runs actual film and hasn’t switched to digital projection yet, but that is just my theory.

So for your viewing pleasure tonight we present this classic Twilight Zone episode entitled “Night Call” that originally aired on February 2, 1964 on CBS. The teleplay for the episode was written by Richard Matheson (I Am Legend, Somewhere In Time) and stars Gladys Cooper (Rebecca, My Fair Lady) as Elva Keene, and elderly woman who finds her quiet life interrupted by strange phone calls in the middle of the night that are first filled with only static…and finally a frightening voice.

The original short story that the teleplay was based on was also written by Richard Matheson and is entitled “Long Distance Call” but had to be changed as their was a 1961 Twilight Zone Episode using the same name.

So come join us once again in the Vault’s auditorium for some Saturday Frights as we all huddle together and await a “Night Call”.


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