Hang About, Look Out, for Super Gran!

Hang About, Look Out, for Super Gran!


On my way into work this morning I witnessed an old lady walking with a very cool hat and tartan skirt and was instantly reminded of a TV show I watched in my youth about a Grandma with super powers – the aptly named, Supergran!

This mid-80’s, 27-episode show was a lot of fun and surprisingly well made. However, it was the theme tune was what really stuck in the mind.

If you didn’t catch the lyrics, here they are – how on earth did a British national TV station (ITV) manage to use the names of so many superheroes and celebrities?

Stand back Superman, Iceman, Spider-man. Batman and Robin too
Don’t wanna cause a fracas, but BA Baracas, have I got a match for you.
She makes them look like a bunch of fairies.
She’s got more bottle than United Dairies.
Hang about – Look out! For Super Gran.
You can take your heroes, your Robert De Niros. Your Al Pacinos too.
They say Stallone is just another phoney. He couldn’t lace his shoes.
After her they’re all big girls blouses she’s got more front than a row of houses
Hang about – Look out! For Super Gran
She’s a serious granny (Super Gran!) A serious granny (Super Gran!)
She’ll do things that you never saw your granny do

In 2013, to celebrate 30 years of children’s broadcasting, ITV had an ‘old skool weekend’ where they aired many of their archive shows, including the following episode of the show – Super Gran and the Skimmer, from 1985.

I should point out that Super Gran was Scottish so the accents might be hard to follow for some readers. I make no apologies for that, but you have been warned!

Hayden Yale

Child of the 80's. Born, raised and living in the Cheshire countryside, England. Lover of fan art, especially if it is based on my childhood heroes from Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, Transformers and TMNT. Penchant for almost anything retro, especially movies, games and art.

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  1. This is awesome, Hayden! I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing it before, thanks for sharing it. :)

  2. I love the theme song sung by Billy Connolly. Used to have the 45 of this.

  3. That’s George Best in the first shot!

  4. Indeed it is Matt, from Supergran and the Super Match (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1006010/). I wasn’t sure whether to add a paragraph about the photo as this is a largely American readership that might not know who George Best was.

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