Celebrate 75 years of Batman with a little Bruce Timm

Batman 75

(Editor’s Note: No you are not seeing double, my friends. Hayden had this wonderful post written before I submitted my own post on Friday. As usual his articles are so good I felt it would be a crime not to make sure his post went through, especially after he put so much work on it. One of the great things about writing for the Retroist is we all have similar tastes! -Vic)

It’s amazing to me that Batman is hitting his 75th birthday this year. It’s even more amazing that Batman: The Animated Series is more than 20 years old, starting its 3 year run in September 1992. I was a teenager when the series started to broadcast and I was in awe of the show from the outset. It’s style was like nothing I’d seen in animation before and it was a brilliant depiction of The Caped Crusader, possibly the best I’ve seen.

Bruce Timm, the man responsible for the character design in the show, is back with a short to celebrate Batman’s anniversary. “Strange Days” is only a few minutes long but the animation is exquisite and is a timely reminder of just how good the character can be.

You can find out more about the short, plus much more about DC’s plans for the year at their website.

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