1970s Man Prefers the All-Natural Ivory Soap Woman


I love watching 1970’s commercials. It feels so familiar yet so foreign at the same time. In this classic commercial for Ivory Soap, a man and a woman bid a tension laden goodbye to another one. I am not sure if there is a relationship between the man and the other woman, but it sure feels like it. Then the remaining woman and this very seventies man have a discussion about what he looks for in a woman and it turns out it wasn’t the beautiful sophisticated woman who just left that he fancies, but the all natural Ivory soap using woman who stayed behind.

So the lesson here was supposed to be that if you eat healthy, get lots of fresh air and use Ivory soap daily, you will look beautiful and young forever. I have been using Ivory soap for years in a long-term experiment to duplicate these results and I am sad to report, it has not been working. Maybe I am pushing the soap on myself too hard? I thought you lathered your skin like you pet a cat, very hard so they can really feel it.


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