Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers Swing the Mood

Swing the Mood

Picture the scene: It’s Christmas Day in 1989 and, in my family home, I’m about to open my big present – a Hi-Fi! It’s a good one too, a Panasonic stereo with twin tape decks, multi-band radio and a record player at the top to play my parents aging collection of vinyl records. Happy days!

But wait, there is more. My mother hands me another present and it’s unmistakably a 12″ vinyl record under the wrapping paper. What could it be? Well, I’m pretty sure you’ve worked this part out by now – my first LP and my first 7″ single were both courtesy of Jive Bunny and his Mastermixers.

Jive Bunny

Most people can boast that their first records were classics. For albums I could have opened that paper to find Neneh Cherry’s Raw Like Sushi or Madonna’s Like a Prayer, for chart singles I could have received The Bangles’ Eternal Flame or even Kylie & Jason’s Especially For You duet would have done, but my parents opted for a rabbit mixing old tunes together.


However, I shouldn’t complain. I actually really liked Jive Bunny back then and I remember playing the album over and over in my bedroom, on my new stereo, completely unaware that my future self would be holding my head in shame. I went on to purchase every 7″ single that Jive Bunny would release, including one that had a limited edition fold-out board game.

When I later sold my vinyl collection, I re-purchased that first album on CD and have subsequently turned into MP3’s for prosperity and future listening enjoyment. I owe much to Jive Bunny but I am glad that he stopped mixing!

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