I always wanted to eat my breakfast cereal overlooking a mountain lake


About two years ago, I fulfilled a lifetime ambition of eating my breakfast cereal while staring out over a crisp clear mountain lake. I am pretty sure this was inspired by this ad for Grape Nuts and countless 1980s commercials that used nature as its backdrop to add excitement to mundane activities.

Now maybe I didn’t do it right or maybe I needed to have Grape Nuts and not Honey Nut Cheerios, but the experience was not as I hoped. Sure the view was great, but a lake early in the morning is cold, which makes eating a cold cereal a lot less enjoyable. Plus the ground is all dewy, which while pretty, does not make for a comfortable sit.

Overall I gotta say, the whole experience was a bit of a letdown and it makes me question if drinking Mountain Dew while tandem sky diving next week is really that good an idea.


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