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I love watching Bogart in just about everything he does. He is the type of actor who time and again delivers the goods. But what are his definitive works? What are the movies you “must own” as a hardcore fan or even as a casual fan? I think the Best of Bogart Collection that Warner Bros released last week answers that perfectly. They have included, Casablanca (1942), The Maltese Falcon (1941), The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948), and The African Queen (1951).

All of these films have been previously released on Blu-Ray before and each one looks and sounds amazing and include a bunch of extras that will delight and entertain even the casual film watcher.

Quality is not the issue here if you are looking for a Bogey Box Set, it is selection. So why these 4? Sure, you could make the argument that films like The Big Sleep or High Sierra should have been included, but this is a best of collection and this has a very specific meaning. It is almost like Warner Bros approached people on the street and asked them to name a Bogart film. I think this, because whenever I ask a person to name their favorite Bogart film, it is one of these 4. Even if a person knows nothing of his work, they can usually name one of these films.

So this collection might only be for the hardcore fan, who does not yet own these 4 films in HD and wants to add them to their collection or more likely it is for the more casual fan. The person who doesn’t yet own a Bogart film on Blu-ray and who, by picking up this one box set will have the four most recognizable films in the Bogey filmography.

If you find yourself in either of these groups, do yourself a favor and order yourself a copy of the Best of Bogart Collection on Blu-ray today.


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