Who knew that the 1970s PBS Logo could be made more Frightening?


A lot of things I saw on the TV as a kid unintentionally scared the heck out of me. One of those things was when they showed the PBS logo. It always seemed to be 100 times louder than anything else on the TV. I never thought that this bit of audio and video could be made more frightening. Yet here I am watching it played for 5 minutes straight with each successive iteration getting weirder and weirder.


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3 thoughts on “Who knew that the 1970s PBS Logo could be made more Frightening?

  1. Thomas Orth says:

    This frightens you ?
    I don’t understand this “i’ve been traumatized by a TV or VHS ident” phenomena.
    When we were watching VHS back in the 80’s, all those weird company Logos were in front of a Movie. Sometimes you were shocked by a sudden sound or a strange melody not fitting the Movie that came afterwards, but i was never traumatized by them. Maybe we had’nt so many creepy idents in germany. I stumbled over this phenomena some years ago on different websites. I just couldn’t understand what the problem was, such a short ident or logo didn’t leave you scarred for life.
    The only thing with tv’s that frightened me as a 3 year old kid was the infamous “Buzz” when you switched over to another channel there was a long pause with a loud buzz, one day i stood in front of the TV an wanted to change the channel all by my self, i turned the dial and there is was the “Buzz” i did not touch the Tv alone for some time. That is probably a similar effect but it did not Traumatize me.

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