GI Joe Adventure Team: Search For The Abominable Snowman


Hi kids, your old pal IseeRobots here. I’m a big GI Joe guy, some of you might know this but if not you know, who cares. It’s not important. When I say Joe what I mean though is the Real American Hero version. The other ones, the original ones as it were seemed too much like dolls to me. They are dolls. That’s cool though. They are actually pretty neat I was just biased as a youth.

Anyway, I was poking around the World Wide Web the other day and came across a playset that really blew my hat off. The GI Joe Adventure Team : Search For The Abominable Snowman. Awesome!

Anything Yeti based is automatically awesome and if you throw a Joe in there it’s DOUBLE AWESOME.


What’s the GI Joe Adventure Team? The Adventure team was a later version of GI Joe with the idea that he wasn’t so much a soldier anymore, he was more of an adventurer.

In the years since GI Joe’s initial enlistment people’s tastes changed as the news coverage of the war in Vietnam painted a grim picture and Hasbro smartly modernized Joe. His days as a soldier were over until The Real American Hero line was introduced many years later.


The coolest thing to me about this playset aside from everything is that The Yeti is so small. He’s barely half the size of GI Joe, who at 12 inches tall is roughly 6 ft so that makes The Yeti just under 3 ft. Maybe it’s a baby. When you are out hunting the mysterious Yeti you take what you can get. If you see a Yeti-ling you grab the Yeti-ling and book before the Yeti parent gets there.

The playset was released in 1973 and was later given a retooling and re-released to the collector market in 2001. The newer one looks a lot cooler and it comes with a fully grown Yeti. That’s pretty neat, AND the Yeti is fur covered. The original baby Yeti was hard plastic. Oh,how things change over the years.


Anyway, thanks for tuning in. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to take a peek at my junk. It’s heartwarming. Anyhow, if you feel like you might want a little more stuff like this in your life head on over to the IseeRobots Facebook deal and give a big thumbs up! You won’t be sorry for long.


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