The Official Retro Junkbox Update 3!

Hi kids. Your old Pal IseeRobots here with the latest installment of The Retroist.Com Retro Junkbox saga. This week the box was in Marietta Ohio home of your pal and mine Sara Bir, The Sausagetarian. Sara is a food writer and longtime fan of all things retro.

Sara and her family received the box earlier this week and were good enough to give us a glimpse at the box’s current content. Sara wanted her gifts to remain secret so she didn’t send that pic that our way (must be some good stuffs!) but she did give us a peek at what she took. Her baby “F” was really into the action figures and helped herself to many of them! Hey! That’s good. It clears up space for more RETRO-FANTASTIC Things!




Next stop for the box? The Great State of Illinois, The Land Of Lincoln and home to Jake and Elwood, The Blues Brothers.

Sadly, we’ve had to close down signups for the box but stay tuned for the next installment THE RETROIST.COM: RETRO JUNKBOX Part II.This time it’s personal. (ya, Cliche I know but hey, I can’t pass up on a classic).

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Reigning County Fair Comic Book Trivia Champion, Overall doer of good things and general winner. Keep your hoodies on and your boots laced.

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2 thoughts on “The Official Retro Junkbox Update 3!

  1. We didn’t watch Fractal Fantasy. But the box isn’t in the mail just yet. There is still time! Anyway, Dude from Akron, you did a good job.

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