This is BBC1… in 1981

This is BBC1… in 1981

BBC1 in 1981

I have a long-standing interest in the logos and idents for broadcasters and film companies, and I think much of that interest comes from the years I’ve spent watching channels from the BBC. The first significant ident that I can remember is for the BBC’s main TV channel, BBC1. The spinning blue and yellow globe with reflection is iconic and was used between 1974 and 1985, updated in 1981 with new typography.

Until recently I had assumed that this was a very early computer graphic but thanks to a myriad of websites with a similar interest to my own, I have learned that it was actually a mechanical model!

Take a look at the wonderful TV Ark website which has very detailed information, images and video clips for the 1981 globe ident. The website is a vast online television museum that I’ll be looking at again for future posts!

Another good resource is The Ident Gallery website. Whilst not as exhaustive as TV Ark, it does have some great history available. Of particular interest is the programme slides which I remember fondly.

BBC1 Programme Slides

Finally, typing BBC1 1981 into Youtube is pure nostalgia for anyone who grew up in Britain at this time. I love this Sunday night set from December of that year, where you could enjoy the evening watching Hi-De-Hi!, Mastermind, Bergerac and Dallas.

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