Jim Nabors, Ruth Buzzi and The Lost Saucer


We all know that Jim Nabors went from Mayberry to the Marines. But how many remember he went from the Marines to the space-time continuum?

He teamed up with Ruth Buzzi in 1975 for the short-lived, live-action Saturday morning TV series “The Lost Saucer” from Sid and Marty Krofft.


Jim and Ruth portrayed androids, Fi and Fum, from the far future. Even though they traveled though space and time, the show still worked in after-school-special type messages such as being overweight or conserving energy.

The set-up is depicted during the opening credits. The first episode picks up with Jim and Ruth taking a couple of 1970s kids into space for a super-cheesy adventure. It’s not only a lost saucer but a lost gem. Click for a catchy tune!


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