Retroist Junk Box: Update Pt. 2!

Retroist Junk Box: Update Pt. 2!

Hi kids, your old pal IseeRobots here to report on the further travels of your favorite box of retro junk and mine, The Retro Junk Box. This week the box visited a pal of ours in the fine city of Akron Ohio, home of Goodyear Tires and one of my favorite bands The Black Keys. Our buddy in Akron was SUPER GENEROUS and left a RETRO-TASTIC array of goods from days long (recently) passed.

Retro Junk Box 3 - I See Robots

Sadly though he also took the coveted Starlog Magazines but who can begrudge someone who gifted so many fantastic things? Not me that’s for sure. ( I do begrudge him a little though. I really wanted those mags! It’s a friendly begrudging though. No blows will be thrown. I hope)

Retro Junk Box 2 - I See Robots

Next stop for the box? Also Ohio, this time the fine city of Marietta, Home of my good pal and yours The Sausagetarian

Retro Junk Box - I See Robots

Interested in joining in on the fun? Hop on over to the ISeeRobots Facebook page for more details. Hey, give me a big thumbs up while you are over there. You won’t be sorry for long.


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  1. Akron’s greatest export has always been Devo.

  2. This looks like a lot of fun, but I don’t have the kind of money to get in on it.

  3. How do you get involved with this ? I didn’t see anything talking about it on the mentioned facebook page.

  4. SF Hit me up there. It’s probably better than the FB page but the FB page is fun too.. Just need a scan of your ID card.

  5. Can’t wait for it to get to me to see what’s in it!

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