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When I was a kid, one of my grandmas used to clean houses as a part time job. The occupants of one of the houses she cleaned bought every silly tabloid out there on the stands, including the National Enquirer and Weekly World News. Instead of throwing the old issues away she would always bring them home. When my sister and I would go visit, we would literally dive into the pile, reading all the articles in an attempt to find the craziest ones.

In high school I took a current events class and one of our assignments was to bring a newspaper article each week to talk about in front of the class. The teacher didn’t care what the articles were about, as long as you could talk about them for 2 minutes. Each week I went down to the local supermarket and picked up a copy of the Weekly World News and would bring an article from it. My teacher once told me, “the idea of the assignment was to bring something newsworthy.” How could the Loch Ness Monster being pregnant with Bigfoot’s baby not be newsworthy???

Google Books now has every episode of the Weekly World News online for free reading, from 2007 back to 1980. If you did not see the first photos of Heaven, hear about Bigfoot’s Love Slave, or read about the space alien that was shot by a Nevada hunter, you owe it to yourself to flip through this archive.

The Loch Ness Monster’s baby will thank you.

Link: Weekly World News on Google Books

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