Enjoy this late 1960s Acid Trip of a Commercial for International House of Pancakes


I loved when my family went to the International House of Pancakes that they opened near my house in the 1980s. My Mother was a holdout against going and I could never figure out why. Now I am thinking she saw this commercial when she was younger and was fearful that her family’s fruit stuffed pancakes were going to be spiked with some powerful hallucinogens.

My Mother disliked chain restaurants as a rule, but I think she disliked hippies even more.


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4 thoughts on “Enjoy this late 1960s Acid Trip of a Commercial for International House of Pancakes

  1. That’s about 11 different flavours of ***ed-up right there.

    In my mind I imagine a strung-out Alvin the Chipmunk. Too many needles, too many loose Chipettes. He pleads with Dave, “C’mon, Dave. I’ll do anything. Anything. I’ll even do an IHOP spot for chrissakes! I need money for the smack!!”.

  2. X-Lydia says:

    What “acid trip”? If anything, the combination of the chipmunk voice and balloons suggests helium. This ad isn’t even surreal, it’s a rather conventional way of drumming “family” and “fun” into the audience’s brains. People often comment that something filmed in an unusual style represents drugs or is influenced by them; it’s not original or clever at all, and it reflects more on them and their limited imaginations than on the bit of film itself.

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