This Moon Knight Illustration By Chris Samnee Is Incredible!

Image courtesy of Chris Samnee.
Image courtesy of Chris Samnee.

My first introduction to the Marvel Comics character Moon Knight was thanks to an unintended road trip that my Father dragged me on, a three hour drive for a classic car show…sadly that just wasn’t my bag and I kept thinking about all of the great cartoons I was missing that Saturday morning. As we stopped into a gas station however I found a comic book spinner rack filled with all manner of comics but the one that caught my eye was for the Punisher Annual #2 featuring Moon Knight, it was part of their Atlantis Attacks tie-in.

Punisher Annual #2 - Marvel Comics

I had heard of the Punisher but this was the first time I learned of Marc Spector aka The Moon Knight, though after buying it and reading it on the drive I soon counted myself as a fan of the character.

Now there is a new series that has started and it is written by Warren Ellis (Planetary) and illustrated by Delcan Shalvey (Deadpool) and is a new take on the costumed vigilante as you can tell from the incredible illustration up above by Chris Samnee (Daredevil) from his twitter feed, just compare his current outfit to the one he was known for on that cover of the Punisher annual. But hey…don’t feel too bad…if you look real closely you’ll see that original costume has made an appearance in Samnee’s artwork.

For what it’s worth if you are a comic book fan you should definitely have Moon Knight added to your pull list, it’s a really good read to say the least.


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