Do you remember this “lost” Christopher Reeve Superman audition?


A few days ago, my father asked me to transfer some video from a VHS tape. The tape is from 1985 and frankly, I’m amazed the video is still viewable. It’s been through a lot of moves, temperature changes, and a few drops. Oh and it’s video tape. That media doesn’t last forever. While transferring, I came across a Saturday Night Live sketch, also from 1985, with Christopher Reeve. The sketch involves him auditioning for the role of Superman in Richard Donner’s Superman film. Jim Belushi plays Donner and Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays his assistant. Part of the hilarity is that the “men” auditioning are asked to do superhuman things as part of the audition. Check out the video below!

Superman audition with Christopher Reeve from Justin Salvato on Vimeo.

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