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Shortly after graduating high school I moved out into my first apartment. It was there where I learned what being broke was like. The majority of my income went to rent, car insurance and gas, and Taco Bell. What few dollars I had left (if any) at the end of each month went to movie and video game rentals. When we didn’t have enough money to rent ninja movies we had to fall back on the few VHS tapes we owned.

These were a few of those. I grew up a fan of the Three Stooges and picked these up at various thrift stores. The first tape you see here contains a few episodes of the Three Stooges cartoons. Most of them were spectacularly bad.

I don’t remember what was on the tape on the right, but if I remember correctly it contained some TV clips from the Stooges later in their career. Also horrible.

“Simply Hilarious,” however, was awesome. There were a few episodes that fell into public domain and were released over and over, and this tape contained four of them: Disorder in the Court, Brideless Groom, Malice in the Palace, and Sing a Song of Six Pants. All four shorts contain Moe and Larry. The first one has Curly, while the other three contain Shemp.

I wish I could tell you how many times I’ve seen these episodes. A hundred? A thousand? My friends and I watched this tape so many times that we literally knew every word to every episode. I have seen every Three Stooges short now many times, but these four episodes specifically, I have memorized. Whenever I hear the phrase “any color” I always respond with “henna color at all?” Whenever one of my kids makes a wrong guess I say “you’re wrong, quiz kid.” My favorite pretend threat is “I’ll squeeze the cider out of your Adam’s apple.” I occasionally break out into an off key rendition of “The Voice of Spring” in the shower. Any time I see a wig or a toupee I shout, “a tarantula!” All of these jokes came from these episodes. These lines and more became a part of my every day vocabulary.

All of these episodes are on Youtube now. I’ll add my favorite below and you can find the others on Youtube.

Now, “hold hands you love birds!”

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