Kurt Wolfgang’s 7 in ’77 T-Shirt is Simply Amazing!

I am on a bit of t-shirt kick lately. Even with that, I wasn’t go to post two t-shirt here on the site on the same day, but I just fell in love with the design for Kurt Wolfgang’s 7 in ’77 T-Shirt and had to share it ASAP. It is crazy just how many pop culture references that Wolfgang is able to squeeze into this design. My mind is boggled!

It is a powerful t-shirt that is going to get a lot of attention, I just wish I could get it on something bigger. Wouldn’t this look amazing as an area rug? It would really tie any retro collectors room together.


How many references can you name?

Order Kurt Wolfgang’s 7 in ’77 T-Shirt [via] Etsy


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2 thoughts on “Kurt Wolfgang’s 7 in ’77 T-Shirt is Simply Amazing!

  1. John Hopkins says:

    I’m going to have to buy this. This would also make a great wall poster.
    Everything from Saturday cartoons, ceareals, sci-fi, comics, books, muppets, commericals, and on an on. So much pop culture. Thanks for sharing this. I will past this on.

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