Retroist Junk Box; Update!

Hi guys, as you know, or maybe don’t the Official Retroist Junk Box is in motion. Yep, it’s traveling the Earth as we speak. So the box has made it to it’s first stop, Ohio and the cool cat there was cool enough to share with us what he took and what he got. The first pic is of the stuff that he snatched from the box, a Dungeons and Dragons set etc and the next pic is the AWESOME! stuff that he included. Man, dig those Startlogs! I want them super bad. Let’s hope they make it back home to me. Probably not though. They are way too awesome.



Let’s give a big round of applause to our Retroist Pal from Ohio. He’s a generous dude. Next stop for the box? Also Ohio, Akron to be more specific. I think to avoid cluttering up The Retroist Blog with our fun, future updates are going to be on The IseeRobots Facebook page. Which you can reach HERE!!!

I want to thank everyone for participating and hope that you are having as much fun with the box as I am observing it’s progress..

Want more enjoyment out of life? Head over to the IseeRobots Facebook page and give us a big thumbs up. You won’t be sorry for long.


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