Tomorrow’s World predicts HD, 3D and Holographic TV in 1986

Tommorow's World

For almost 40 years, between 1965 and 2003, the BBC broadcast a science and technology show called Tomorrow’s World. I didn’t start watching until the early 80’s but for 10 years of my young life, this was must-see TV, and I hold it responsible for my unhealthy obsession with gadgets and technology!

I remember the story below from when it was first shown. Viewing it again now, nearly 30 years later, is very interesting. I know that anyone can future-gaze and guess at what might be still to come, but Tomorrow’s World were incredibly accurate in their reporting here.

Widescreen, High-Definition, flat-screens and 3D are all referred to here and all have come to pass. I’m not so sure about the prediction for holographic TV’s but I love the concept that they’ve used!

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