Scorch, the ALF Who Couldn’t Get Off the Ground

Scorch, the ALF Who Couldn’t Get Off the Ground


Back in 1992 some people tried to replicate the success of ALF, by replicating many of the show’s concepts. The show was titled “Scorch”, and was about a dragon who crash landed in the home of a guy and his young daughter. Scorch himself is a puppet portrayed by ventriloquist Ronn Lucas (who doesn’t appear in the show himself). In an odd case of art imitating life, Scorch pretends to be a ventriloquist’s dummy in the show. Brian Stevens (the guy whose house he landed in) winds up getting a job as a comedic weatherman (weather forecasts are a joke to begin with, so the idea is perfect!), pretending all the while that Scorch is a mere puppet instead of a real dragon. There are other
characters in the show, but unfortunately we don’t get a chance to learn much about them, the show was cancelled way too soon. They recorded 6 episodes, but only ever aired 3 of those (the first 3 can be found on YouTube, the unaired 3 don’t seem to be available anywhere).

Here’s part 1 of the initial episode:

Scorch (along with Ronn Lucas this time) also appeared on an episode of Xuxa:


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  1. Kudos to you for convincingly creating a 90s show out of thin air, replete with archival footage and superimposing those people into an episode of Xuxa.

    Seriously, I don’t remember a thing about this show. This is obviously as fake as the moon landing!

    This truly is a long con!

  2. Yeah this is one of the more absurd shows among a plethora of absurd syndicated shows in the late 80s and 90s.

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