This is Probably the Best Musical Short Film from the 1960s extolling the Virtues of Karo Syrup that you are going to see Today


This gem from 1962 is a surprisingly long and entertaining advertisement for Karo Syrup. In it, a newly married housewife, who is not thrilled with the idea of cooking, gets a lesson about how easy and imaginative cooking can be from an enchanted pot. Of course, food is just a matter of throwing together whatever two things you want and finishing it off with Karo Syrup!

We had a bottle of Karo in my family’s kitchen when I was growing up that must have been up there for a decade. I can only imagine my Mother ran out and bought it after some strange hallucination involving talking crockery inspired her to want to cook delicious shiny foods. This enthusiasm was quickly dampened by her families lack of appreciation for nice-looking hot dogs served with apple slices.

Abandon your dreams lady. All your kids want is pizza and chicken served from a bucket.


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