Do You Need This ‘Classic Arcade Wristwatch’ From ThinkGeek? Of Course You Do!

Image courtesy of ThinkGeek.
Image courtesy of ThinkGeek.

There has been many times at my job when a visiting dignitary might ask me the time of the day and every single time as I looked down at my pitiful wristwatch I wished that it could be replaced with a fictional arcade cabinet that would shout to the world my love of classic gaming. Thanks to ThinkGeek that day has arrived with their ‘Galactic Defense’ wristwatch which you may purchase by following the link provided.

Classic Arcade Watch B - ThinkGeek

Product Specifications:
Product Specifications:
Wear a classic arcade cabinet on your wrist
A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive!
Cabinet is fully decorated for a game of Galactic Defense
Space rocks take the place of hours and minutes hands
Spaceship takes the place of seconds hand
Fire button lights up hour indicators and marquee in red and makes “pew” noise
Joystick is ornamental, but you can make it do things using the power of your imagination
Japanese movement
Comes in a 2-piece box, suitable for gifting
Materials: Stainless steel case, black leather band with white contrast stitching
Batteries: 1 CR2032 and 1 SR626 button cell battery (included)
Estimated battery life 1 year
Dimensions: 1 1/2″ wide x 2 1/4″ tall x 1″ deep cabinet, strap width 1″
Band has holes to adjust from 7 3/4″ – 10″ (full length 10 3/4″)


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