NFL Action Team Mates

Hi kids, your old pal IseeRobots here again. Do you guys remember these? I’ve never really been into football but for some reason I always wanted one of these figures. I think it might have been because you could only pick them up via catalog and my family wasn’t big catalog consumers. It’s like, I never actually saw them in person so I wanted them. I bet if I got one I wouldn’t really have played with it for very long. Because you know I didn’t really like football very much.

I don’t remember the van though. That’s a neat and totally weird accessory. It’s cool, don’t get me wrong but it’s weird. Do you think that there has ever been a situation where a full uniformed player drove around in a custom team van? I can imagine a knocked out ballplayer getting hauled off the field in van like that but it’d probably have a siren on top. Tonka’s Van has no such siren therefore it is weird..


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