Green Got You Blue?

Green Got You Blue?


Here’s a little treat for the holiday, two classic cartoons with a St. Patrick’s Day theme.


Our first offering is an MGM cartoon featuring Droopy. Droopy visits Ireland on vacation, buys a souvenir hat. The hat, combined with Droopy’s small stature, makes Butch the bulldog think he’s a real leprechaun. Butch follows Droopy into an old castle and while he thinks Droopy’s a leprechaun, Droopy thinks that Butch is the ghost of “The Mad Duke”. A cartoon chase ensues, until Droopys gets back on his plane and leaves, while Butch gets taken by the authorities for his apparent insanity. The art style in this one feels simpler than the other, but the cartoon itself feels more energetic and engaging.


Next up we have WB’s offering, “The Wearing of the Grin”. Just about everyone will remember this cartoon. This is the cartoon where Porky gets caught in the rain and enters an old irish castle for shelter. He meets an irish guy who is actually two leprechauns standing atop each other under a long coat. The leprechauns think he’s after their gold, so they sentence him to wear magical dancing shoes. He flees through a nightmare land reminiscent of his Wackyland/dodo bird adventures,
eventually waking up to find that it was all just a dream. ….Or was it?

This cartoon has more detailed artwork than the other one, but it feels a bit slower and more plodding.


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  1. Drahken, you can never go wrong with some Droopy classic shorts! :)

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