The Lone Ranger shows us his Jeno’s Pizza Roll pack!

Jenos Pizza Rolls

I was browsing through A December ’69 issue of Life magazine on Google Books and came across the advert above. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Pizza Roll before and wanted to learn more – I didn’t expect to discover the Lone Ranger during my research!

Hi-Ho Pizza Roll indeed! Digging a little deeper I discovered that this very cool commercial was actually aping another much earlier commercial for Lark Cigarettes. This is why you’ll spot a cigarette smoking man near the end!

The creative genius behind the ad, Stan Freberg, worked with Jeno’s on other commercials too!

And again, when adverting frozen pizza!

Looking over the selection at Youtube, I could probably put together an hours’ worth of material just for Jeno’s commercials but I’ll leave you to do that. I’m off to my local supermarket in search of pizza rolls…

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