Saturday Frights : The Real Ghostbusters Pilot (1986)


Hey there creeps! Now, I know the last few weeks I have been rubbin’ elbows with celebrities which has left little time for me to do my actual job here in the Vault, which is assaultin’ yer eyeballs with the gnarliest collection of fright flicks and creepy clips to ever grace a computer monitor!

So, to make that lack of eerie entertainment up to ya, your ol’ pal Daniel XIII, the Ouija Board Kid, has conjured up a real treat!

'Look Peter! That guy's reading this article in his underwear!"
‘Look Peter! That guy’s reading this article in his underwear!”

If you’re anything like me, you are 500 years old, psychic and stuffed with a combination of absinthe, sawdust, and widow’s tears in lieu of blood; also you probably dig the Real Ghostbusters!

And with that assumption, I will also surmise that you would enjoy watching nearly four minutes of animation from the pilot that helped sell the series! In this clip you’ll see more “movie accurate” representations of the gangs ghostbustin’ uniforms than would end up in the final product, a decided less cuddly Slimer, and Ray shattering every iota of common sense that should be applied when travelling in (or on in this case) a moving vehicle!

Daniel XIII

Daniel XIII: equally at home at a seance as he is behind the keyboard! Raised on a steady diet of Son of Satan comics, Kaiju flicks and Count Chocula, ol' XIII is a screenwriter, actor, and reviewer of fright flicks! What arcane knowledge lurks behind the preternatural eyes of the Ouija Board Kid?

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