Christmas Plate with Ronald McDonald

2014-02-16 16.51.21

I felt a little odd buying this Christmas-themed plate in the middle of March, but when life hands you awesome you take it when you find it. Especially when awesome costs 79 cents.

This wonderful plate was newer than I thought it was (released in 1997), but I still think it’s awesome. I’ve already eaten a few rounds of microwave chicken nuggets on it and I feel like I’m 10 years old again when I use it.

I don’t know if Ronald McDonald was ever allowed to travel with Santa on his Christmas Eve visits, but I do remember getting McDonald’s gift certificates in my stocking once so I believe it was possible.

2014-02-16 16.51.29

Rob O'Hara

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One thought on “Christmas Plate with Ronald McDonald

  1. That image scares me! WHY is Ronald along for that ride? Is he leaving the children special McD merchandise, or food, or is he just there to keep SC fed throughout his long night? Whatever the reason, this is not an image that I want in my head :( Bad Rob, bad! And in March….

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