Scream Factory Presents: The Slumber Party Massacre On Blu-Ray (Review)

Scream Factory

Image courtesy of Scream Factory.
Image courtesy of Scream Factory.

Thanks to our friends over at Scream Factory I was given the opportunity to review their upcoming Blu-Ray release for the 1982 cult classic ‘The Slumber Party Massacre’.

For those of us lucky enough to grow up in the 80s and be even more fortunate to work at video stores during the boom of the VHS Tape rentals, there were certain films that were rented on an almost constant basis for various reasons. In my neck of the woods and the store that I worked at for many years, the Slumber Party Massacre was one of those titles that was constantly getting checked out and I do have a humorous anecdote about one such customer’s attempt at renting it that I’ll share with you once I give you a bit of synopsis and point out all of the awesome features on Scream Factory’s Blu-Ray which will be released on March 18, 2014.

Slumber Party Massacre

If you’ve not had the pleasure of seeing the film for yourself you might guess from the title that there is indeed a slumber party and there is going to be a massacre taking place at some point, this is true but it also contains a healthy dose of girls, gore, and gags for your viewing pleasure. When Trish (Michele Michaels) invites some of her High School friends over for a slumber party while her parents are away, she fails to read the paper delivered to her door that morning that states the convicted killer and mental patient Russ Thorn (Michael Villela) is on the loose. Thorn wastes no time in racking up a body count outside of the High School, in the High School, and Trish’s neighborhood. Oh, did I fail to mention the killer’s favorite weapon of choice? A portable power drill. Soon Trish and her girlfriends Kim (Debra De Deliso), Jackie (Andree Honore), Diane (Gina Mari), and her next door neighbors Valerie (Robin Stille) and Courtney (Jennifer Meyers) are having to do their best to try and survive the night against Thorn’s sadistic assaults.

Now The Slumber Party Massacre was directed by Amy Holden Jones (Mystic Pizza, Maid to Order) from a screenplay by Rita Mae Brown (The Long Hot Summer, Rubyfruit Jungle) for legendary Roger Corman’s New World Pictures. It definitely took the usual exploitation elements of your typical slasher film, and make no mistake as it is a slasher film, but it also injected quite a bit of humor to the plot as well (Which you saw with the pizza scene in the clip up above). The low budget film was successful enough in it’s limited release to theaters as well as the popularity it garnered in the early days of VHS to spawn two sequel, Slumber Party Massacre II in 1987 and Slumber Party Massacre III in 1990.

Thanks to Scream Factory their Blu-Ray release of the film next week is from an HD transfer from the original camera negative and bonus features include:
New interview with actor Rigg Kennedy (Who plays another of Trish’s neighbors)
Sleepless Nights: The Making of the Slumber Party Massacre
Audio Commentary with Director Amy Holden Jones, and Debra De Liso as well as Michael Villela
Theatrical Trailer
Still Gallery

Now as to that funny story I had about renting the VHS tape…I had a young boy that I would later learn was ten-years-old come up to the counter and put the Slumber Party Massacre tape on the counter. There was no way I was going to rent an R rated film to a kid of course but I wondered why he had decided he needed to watch the film and asked if he knew this was a horror movie. The young boy said his friends at school said he should rent it because of…and I quote…”the sexy, sexy ladies”. Which caused me to all but roll on the floor with laughter but I had to inform him that I just couldn’t rent the movie to him. This young boy though knew how the game was played and sent his Mother up to rent it, I won’t lie…I didn’t care for that…but it had to be done. When the boy brought the tape back a week later I asked how he liked it and he just smiled and gave me a big thumbs up.

Thanks again to Scream Factory for letting me review the film, just hop on over to pre-order a copy for yourself by following the links provided!


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