Scream Factory Presents: Beneath On Blu-Ray And DVD (Review)

Scream Factory

Image courtesy of Scream Factory.
Image courtesy of Scream Factory.

Thanks again to our friends at Scream Factory for allowing me to review a copy of their upcoming thriller entitled “Beneath”, which will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on March 25, 2014.

The film was directed by Larry Fessenden (I Sell The Dead, Wendigo) and produced for Glass Eye Pix (Stakeland, The Innkeepers) in association with the new film division of Chiller TV. Like most of Fessenden’s films ‘Beneath’ has a very retro feel, in this case I would say there is actually a very strong mixture of Alfred Hitchcock’s Lifeboat from 1944 with a dash of Joe Dante’s 1978 Piranha.

The film focuses on a group of High School friends who are convening at Black Lake to celebrate their graduation and before most of them go their separate ways to different colleges, etc. One of the group though, Johnny (Daniel Zovatto), appears to know that maybe things are not exactly 100% safe within the waters. It would seem that Black Lake has a reported monster something of a local legend akin to the Loch Ness Monster. This is info Johnny holds from his friends as he believes they are going to just cross the lake and party with some fireworks and beer on the far shore, however when Kitty (Bonnie Dennison), Deb (Mackenzie Rosman), and Matt (Chris Conroy) do not heed his warnings about going into the water they learn very quickly that they aren’t alone. With the help of his two other friends in the boat, Zeke (Griffin Newman) and Simon (Jonny Orsini), Johnny is able to get the swimmers back into the boat but not to safety. For the teenagers lose their oars and the boat is damaged and that is when we the viewers find out that the greatest danger isn’t swimming below the waves but the true personalities of each person on the boat that they keep hidden beneath.

As usual with Scream Factory releases you get a load of Special Features:
Commentary with Director Larry Fessenden and Sounn Designer Graham Reznick
Theatrical Trailer
Behind the Scenes of Beneath
What the Zeke? (High School web series by Zeke)
What’s in Black Lake (Which actually features Fessenden)
Fessenden on Jaws

You can hop on over to Scream Factory to pre-order your copy today.


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