Vanilla Ice Raps Retro for Ninja Turtles Mac & Cheese


In a case of “everything old is new again”, Vanilla Ice is revisiting his “Ninja Rap” song for some new Ninja Turtles Mac & Cheese.

For any of you who don’t remember this song, shame on you!

…Seriously though, here’s a refresher:

I actually still have this soundtrack on cassette somewhere, along with the one from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. What’s really interesting about this commercial popping up now is that not too long ago I found myself doing the Ninja Rap when dealing with my dogs. When they’re underfoot, I find myself saying “go pu-ppies, go pu-ppies, go! go! go! go! go!”


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3 thoughts on “Vanilla Ice Raps Retro for Ninja Turtles Mac & Cheese

  1. Badwolf says:

    Vanilla Ice has turned the corner. He scores major Shatner-Points with this spot. William Shatner knows he’s a cultural touch-stone/icon without letting it go to his head – his goofiness in commercials and bit parts allows him to remain in the spotlight while being obvious in his own knowledge that he’s over the hill without getting hung-up on his own self-importance. Wil Wheaton allows himself to be satirized as well, appearing “normal” while not allowing the nay-sayers to have any ammunition to scrutinize. It’s a tricky path to take, and I applaud them all for getting started (Shatner is well along this path – he’s the one who blazed this trail).

    Go Ninja Go!

  2. angela(toao) says:

    If he wants my love and admiration he needs to work on getting TMNT Pies back on the shelf…

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