The Official Retro Junk Box Signup!

The Official Retro Junk Box Signup!


Hi Kids, your old pal IseeRobots here again. So it looks like there is some interest in starting up a Retro Junk Box so let’s make it official and do some sign ups.

Here is how it’s going to go. You email me a letter of interest to and if I can get 10 people interested we can give it a whirl.

What I’m going to need from everyone is basically a mailing address and a name and the willingness to take part in the COOLEST PROJECT OF ALL THE TIMES! also some retro stuff that you don’t mind parting with and $16.00 so that you’ll be able to mail the box out to the next person on the list.

For our Retro Junk Box I’m going to use a large USPS Flat Rate Priority Box. They cost about 16 bucks to mail and you as long as it fits it ships. At this point we are going to have to limit it to folks in the U.S exclusively. Sorry, it’s a shipping issue. Maybe we can switch that up next time but as for now it’s just the way it has to be..

What’s Retro? To me Retro is the 70’s-80’s but we might as well include the 90s too. Not everyone is an old fogey like me huh? There are some future fogeys out there too I suppose..

Ok kids, let’s get the ball rolling. Want in? Hit me up here and we’ll take it from there. As a former Junk Box participant I can’t express how fun it is to wait and then finally get the box in your grubby mitts. Let’s make this happen!

Want more cool crud like this in your life? Well, head on over to Facebook and give me a big thumbs up! You won’t be sorry for long.


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  1. Right now we are at 7 sign ups. Make sure to get on the list. It’s gonna be pretty fun!

  2. Email sent!
    Sign me up too.

  3. Hi everyone! So far we are at about 10 signups. I’m going to give everyone up until the weekend to get aboard the Retro Junk Box Train if they are interested. Big bow wow to everyone who already made the leap and emailed me. Things are in motion and this is going to be like, the best thing ever!

  4. Would love to be a part of it! Email Sent! Here’s to this being a huge success!

  5. I’ll take part in the next round. Definitely post how this goes!

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