Barbie for the Commodore 64: ??Great, see you in an hour!?

When I was a little girl, I owned a total of 3 Barbies and 1 Ken: Western Barbie, Angel Face Barbie, and Malibu Barbie and Ken. However, I was never really into playing with them, I think the most I would do is swap their outfits (which was a waste of time since Barbie always looked like??Barbie), and also see if Barbie??s bathing suit would fit on Ken and vice versa.

So it??s kind of ironic that I love, love, LOVED playing ??Barbie?? on our Commodore 64. The premise of the game was simple- Ken calls up Barbie and asks if she wants to go on a date to the (pool/dinner/play tennis/beach/picnic/prom) and she always says ??Sure! Sounds like fun!,?? to which Ken replies ??Great, see you in an hour!??


From there, Barbie drives around in her Corvette, going from store to store, picking out the perfect clothing, hair, and accessories for her big date with Ken.




In addition to picking out your various fashion items, you were also given the option of choosing different colors and pattern combinations: you could give Barbie a classic teeny-weeny Yellow polka-dot bikini if you wanted to, OR you could even give her different hairstyles, and even different hair colors, like PURPLE HAIR, which I loved to do every time I played the game.

??Oh hi Ken, are you taking me to a 4-star restaurant? I hope you don??t mind if I bring my AMAZING PURPLE HAIR WITH ME!??

Barbie is definitely working her best Chrissy Snow look in this picture
Barbie is definitely working her best Chrissy Snow look in this picture

If you got Barbie back to her home, dressed correctly for their date (say, a classy high-necked, long-sleeved dress for their fancy, chaste dinner), then you completed that mission, and the game advanced so that you saw a still-shot of Barbie and Ken together on their date. If you totally screwed the pooch and, say, sent Barbie to the prom in a bikini, then you did NOT get to go on your dream date with Ken.

I bet Lena Dunham would love this game


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