The Retro Junk Box

Yesterday when I came home from work there was a package waiting for me. I love a package as much as the next guy so I was totally stoked. What was it? Well, give me a second and I’ll tell you about it. Are you guys familiar with the Retro Junk Box? No? Ok, let me hip you to the concept.


The Retro Junk Box is a project put together by Mike from The Cartoon Retrocast Podcast. The basic idea is that he got a bunch of like minded retro junk fans together and formulated a mailing list. That was step one. Step two was to get a priority flat rate box from the post office and fill it with all sorts of retro junk. Junk like NES games and action figures, magazines, you name it. Then he mailed the box out to the first person on the list who then took a few things out of the bx asd sent it off to the next person on the list who then did the same. Eventually the box traversed the country and made it’s way to me out here in North Cali.

The box it’s self was smaller than I expected but very heavy. Part of the fun of the box is that everyone is supposed to put stickers on it before sending it out so by the time it gets home to Mike it’ll look like a well traveled steamer trunk from the days of yore. Sadly though the original box got destroyed in transit so it had to be replaced right before it reached me. I was bummed but happy to start decorating it again. I dug out some Donkey Kong stickers that I got out of a wax pack and a neat glow in the dark bumper sticker from radio station KMEL 106.1. They are a rap station now but used to rock out back in the day…

What did I take out of the box? A few things. A neat Elevator Action game and a 99 in 1 gameboy knock off type thing, my daughter wanted that. I put in a tons of cool things though, at least I think they are cool. A MOTU Ram Man and a Star Wars dude and a TV Guide with Knight RIder on the cover as well as some other things.. I think that I came correct.

The first two pics you see is the stuff I put in the box and the other one is the stuff that I took out. Look for Ram Man. If you see him then you know it’s the stuff I gave up…




Overall it was a great experience. Do you think that you guys might be interested in making a Retro Box? I think it a grand idea and that we should get on it ASAP. Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested. If we get enough people into it I think that I could set it up, easy peezy mac and cheesy..

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