Aunt Wick’s Root Beer Mix

This was my favorite drink growing up, going back even further than I can remember. I would make it in pitchers for home use, I would make it in this 1 gallon cooler/dispenser we used to have (similar to the big Gatorade ones at sporting events, but smaller & yellow), and I would make popsicles in my DC comics popsicle tray. Unfortunately they seem to have discontinued it many years ago, even more unfortunately, nobody else makes a similar drink mix. The closest I can get is bottles of root beer extract, but those are hard to find & pretty expensive.

Aunt Wick’s was a brand of the Jel Sert company, who makes Flavor Aid drink mix, Fla-Vor_ice popsicles, and currently owns other brands such as Wylers (for drink related stuff only, another company owns the Wylers brand in relation to soup mixes and other food items) and Royal gelatin/pudding. Jel Sert must not have gotten the recipes with Wylers because the current Wylers drink mixes are exactly like their Flavor Aid mixes, which is a major shame. Wylers used to be very good, second
only to Kool-Aid. Flavor Aid on the other hand is decent enough in the flavor department, but nowhere near as good as Kool Aid or what Wylers used to be, and their powder formula is horrible to work with. It’s extremely fine powder, which clumps up the instant it touches water. What makes that situation even worse is that they charge several times more for Wylers branded mix than they do for Flavor Aid branded mix, even though the actual mix is identical.


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10 thoughts on “Aunt Wick’s Root Beer Mix

  1. I used to buy those also. They were so good on a hot summer day after playing outside. I think Wylers also made a root beer flavor like this.

  2. I’ve never seen these root beer flavors. But just yesterday I debated about buying a pack of flavor aid in the .99 Only Store – it looked really good. In college, I used to drink gallons of that.

    And of course, Vic’s favorite, The Great Blu-Dini, which is also no longer with us. The drink, not Vic. Vic is still here.

  3. melonpan says:

    very, very curious about this. does it taste just like flat rootbeer? if i wanted to approximate this, could i simply use rootbeer extract mixed with sugar and water? thanks in advance!

  4. Flat rootbeer usually tastes bad, while this was delicious. However, I don’t think I’ve ever had cold flat rootbeer (if it’s been out long enough to go flat, it’s also warm), so it might be the same as leaving a can of soda out for a few days to get flat, then chilling it before drinking. *shrug*

    As far as extract goes, I do that once in a while (not often, due to the price and lack of availability that I mentioned in the article). It does taste much like the powdered mix did, the problem is the cost & trying to find the extract.

  5. My parents used to buy this at our local small town Jack & Jill when I was a kid (80’s). Loved it! Wish there were something like it available now!

  6. jarnie says:

    GFS sells a root beer flavor sno-cone syrup that can be diluted and used as a drink mix. It comes in a gallon jug and you mix it 5 to 1. It tastes pretty good too.

  7. Uncle Wick says:

    I remember drinking Aunt Wick’s root beer as a kid growing up in the late 70’s and early 80’s. It was the best. I also made popsicles with it in the ice cube tray. I’ve often wished they’d start making it again. Recently, I came across some of those water flavoring packets (the kind where you add one packet per bottle of water) that were A&W Rootbeer flavored. I immediately thought of Aunt Wick’s and grabbed a box to try. I got them home, dumped one packet in a bottle of water, gave it a shake, and was magically transported back to my childhood. It tasted just like Aunt Wick’s and, when I flipped the box over to see who distributed the product, lo and behold, it was Jel-Sert. So, Aunt Wick’s lovers rejoice, while this is not the exact nostalgic fix you crave, it’s pretty darn close!

  8. Nici says:

    A&W now makes rootbeer flavored “singles-to-go” for flavoring bottled water. Don’t know how the taste stacks up to Aunt Wicks, but at least it’s something.

  9. Mark Watson says:

    A&W serves fresh-tasting root beer floats. However, A&W Root Beet is available simultaneously in 12-can packages, single 12-oz. cans and 2-liters.

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