36 Years Later…I Still Want The Star Wars Give-A-Show Projector!

Star Wars - Give A Show Projector
Okay, in case you didn’t know get the memo…today is indeed my birthday. I just tell you that to help flavor the memory I’m about to share, not to make you feel bad that you possibly didn’t get me anything. It’s all good, really, I understand. *Sniff*

All of my silliness aside, in 1978 there was one item that I requested for my birthday when I first laid eyes upon it, the Kenner Star Wars Give-A-Show Projector. I had grand visions in my head of going to sleep at night and shining those film strips on the ceiling of my bedroom, the same visions I still have today to be honest, because I never received it…nor for that Christmas…and the reason was my Father absolutely refused to buy it. To be fair I was very fortunate to receive the Fisher Price Movie Viewer Theater and he couldn’t see why he should pay that much money for a slide projector when I already had what amounted to an 8mm film projector.

Thankfully for me, I mean us, T.B.T. was kind enough to upload this video of their personal Star Wars Give-A-Show projector!


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