15,000 Golden Age Comics for Free

The Digital Comic Museum has over 15,000 pre-1959 comics available for download for free. All the titles are in public domain and free of copyright restriction. There are books from just about every genre imaginable, from horror to romance to two-fisted war stories. Beyond getting caught up with the Korean War adventures of Captain Steve Savage, it would be a great resource for creative/artist types to snag some cool vintage graphic elements for projects.



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4 thoughts on “15,000 Golden Age Comics for Free

  1. I’ve been reading stuff on GAC for years, before it even existed. (It started out as digital comics museum, then GAC forked off it’s own clone site due to some internal politics of some kind, though they remained friendly with DCM. DCM later changed hands and got a facelift and is now comic book plus.)
    CBP has mostly the same content, but they’ve expanded into public domain stuff from the silver age in addition to the golden age. Both sites have online viewers or you can download issues. The viewers are a bit different, I prefer GAC’s viewer myself because with CBP’s you have to scroll back up manually every time you change the page.

  2. Thanks to Carlos and Drahken for the site links, I’d not encountered either before but now I’m sure to be wasting hours browsing through the archives!

  3. Hi Drahken,
    You are sorta right. GoldenAgeComics.uk came first in Nov. 2006.
    DCM was started in 2010 after the staff split with GAC’s new owner.
    GAC got yet another new (and current far superior) owner and renamed itself Comicbook Plus.
    CB+ dabbles in silver-age as well as far more foreign content than DCM.

    DCM and CB+ have a very cordial relationship

    Thanks for the kind words.
    Staff, DCM

  4. Whoops, I just realized that I reversed GAC and DCM in my previous reply. It’s difficult keeping the names straight when the sites are so much alike.

    I remember liking the notion of GAC, but being endlessly frustrated with it’s broken download limit function, which they never managed (or bothered?) to fix. I was thrilled when DCM popped up, with no download limiter, even more so since I didn’t have to set up a new account. Fortunately the owners of CB+ also ditched the download limiter, giving the world 2 good sites full of classic comics.

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