The Best Racing Movies of the 1980s: Prepare to Qualify!


10. Oxford Blues (starring Rob Lowe and Ali Sheedy)

“He came to Oxford to meet a girl…but he got something even more important. A chance to be a WINNER”

9. Breaking Away

He isn’t Italian!

8. Top Gun

Think about it…

7. Better Off Dead

Lane vs. the car full of Asian Howard Cosell enthusiasts not to mention the K-12 competition!

6. The Running Man

In the year 2017? We’re just 3 years away from this pageantry!

5. Chariots of Fire

4. Personal Best

It nears the top of the list, not just for the hurdling, or lesbian overtones, or Olympic themes, but mainly because it features the Doobie Brothers’ “What a Fool Believes” in the trailer!

3. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

2. Six Pack

Love will turn you around. It just will. Don’t question it.

1. Cannonball Run

Really, was there ever any question as to what would take the top spot? Captain Chaos would have it no other way.


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