Saturday Frights Presents – Skeletons in the Closet with Dante Tomaselli!

skeletons in the closet

Welcome back fiends to another installment of Skeletons in the Closet! This week, we are joined by visionary horror director Dante Tomaselli (Torture Chamber, Satan’s Playground) who shares with us his thoughts on the retro horror film that continues to inspire him to this day; Don’t Look Now!

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Dante: I saw DON’T LOOK NOW at a very young age and it drips in my unconscious mind like acid. I used to have bad dreams of the knife wielding dwarf, smiling sadistically, shaking her head as if saying, “You’ve been warned.” I couldn’t shake that image and it’s still doing damage. I fully expect her to be waiting for me at the Gates of Hell.


Although my films come from my own personal nightmares, I’m definitely influenced by the eternally mysterious Don’t Look Now. Like Rosemary’s Baby, Alice, Sweet Alice…Halloween or Suspiria, it’s a magical horror film. I watch in awe, every time. It’s so cold yet emotionally-charged, so intricately woven, so beautifully constructed, it just takes my breath away. Dreamlike, puzzle horror at its best. The old psychic, the blind sister with the milky white eyes still gives me a deep chill. The whole film is really a warning.

To learn more about Torture Chamber, head here. Also be sure to check out Dante’s soundscape and soundtrack offerings!

NEXT WEEK: Legendary illustrator Liam Sharp joins us in the Vault!

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