Pops Restaurant

Pops Restaurant

Pops Restaurant is in Arcadia, Oklahoma, right off Route 66 not fifteen minutes from my home. Pops is known around these parts for two things: their vast selection of bottled pop, and the giant pop bottle that stands outside. Let’s start with that.


As you’re coming down Route 66 you’ll see this pop bottle over the horizon before you get to the restaurant itself. The bottle stands 66 feet tall; during the day it’s white, but at night the bottle is lit up with multi-colored LED lights.


The building itself is wrapped mostly in glass, so from outside you can see some of the bottles lining the windows. The bottles on display in the windows are glued down and are for display only, but don’t worry; they have all of these (and more) for sale inside.



The rainbow-colored display of pop is beautiful to look at. Not only do the bottles wrap around the walls but they continue into the freezer area. After you order your food you can head on over to the coolers and select any bottle of pop you like. Like root beer? Pops probably has at least 50 different ones to choose from. Miss drinking Orange Crush from a glass bottle? They’ve got it. The last time we went my son had a Jolly Rancher Watermelon, my daughter had a Rocket Fizz Fluids Green Cooler, my wife picked a Jelly Belly Crushed Pineapple and I grabbed a bottle of Jones Blue Bubble Gum. If you like, you can grab an empty six pack carrier and mix and match six bottles to take home with you as well. Pops’ website says they currently have at least 600 different flavors of bottled pop to choose from, but that number varies throughout the year.


The best time to visit Pops is during the summer. Pops is also a gas station, and on summer nights you can grab a table and watch the long line of classic cars cruising Route 66 stop by to gas up, all while eating a burger and sipping on an ice cold bottle of root beer. Sit there long enough and you’ll see the sun go down and the the giant 66′ tall pop bottle out front light up.

As a kid, it was always a treat for me to have a cold, glass bottle of soda during the summer all to myself. Those cold bottles and wild flavors bring back a lot of nostalgia for me.

See you at Pops this summer!


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  1. Flack is ballin in the Porsche, nice. OK is too far for me I live in stupid Florida. It’s too tempeting. I’m a soda addict and I grew up in Dallas as a kid (right next to Plano, corporate headquarters of my favorite Dr Pepper). I love soda so I’ve switched to Diet or Dr Pepper 10 the best. But I’m pretty sure from college where I had a coke with breakfast that I have diabetics, so no more delicious soda for me.

    Your commodork book rules. I’ve read it 3 times. It takes me back to when I was a kid in 1987 with an IBM 286 and to CA in junior high in 1992 making a boot disk trying to get that 580k of Ram to work to play the latest CD Rom game from the 640k that Bill Gates said that was all that you needed.


  2. That place is the bee’s knees! I would love to go there.

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