Fights from the 80s: Aaron Pryor vs Alexis Arguello I


There were so many great fights during the 1980s. One of them involved a dominant 130/135 pound champion named Alexis Arguello. This man had a straight right-hand that, when it lands, stops fighters in their tracks. Arguello decided to go up in weight, fighting and defeating Kevin Rooney at 140 pounds. Arguello was itchy for another title and would get a shot at 140 pound champ, Aaron “The Hawk” Pryor. At this point in Pryor’s career, he had stopped all but two opponents. He had power in those hands. This was an amazing match-up. On November 12th, 1982, Alexis and Aaron began their fight at a frantic pace. Both fighters threw big shots, rarely slowly down to let the other breathe. Aaron’s ability to absorb Alexis’ right hand was phenomenal. Unfortunately, there was some controversy in this fight as Pryor’s trainer, Panama Lewis, was recorded asking for a bottle of liquid, “the one I mixed..” in between rounds 13 and 14. At some point in round 14, Pryor, who was boxing well, using the jab, let loose with a combination and several right hands later, the referee jumped in to save a defenseless Alexis Arguello.

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